abc Audio - 5. razred - Lekcije /LESSONS/
1.1. Welcome to the USA


What a happy moment!
Marko, Milica and their parents are in the Unitet States of America. Uncle Boris is waiting for them at the airport. Aunt Nina and the children, Ana and Filip, are waiting at them at home. They can finaly be together again,after three years. They are all very happy and excited.Marko and Milica can spend a month with their cousions. Their mother, Jelena,can finaly spend some time with her brother again. She loves him so much.But they dont live in the same country and they cant be together

Uncle Boris: Jelena! Welcome to the USA! Welcome Dragan. Marko, Milica, look at you! I cant belive it. You arent small children anymore. Filip and Ana cant wait to see you.
Milica: Where are they, uncle?
Uncle Boris: They are waiting for you at home. We are going there now. Let's go.


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