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2.2. A friend in need is a friend indeed

Fred called last night and he is coming to Mr. Davis’s house tonight. He is an old and close friend of Mr. Davis. They met in 1991 and they were classmates at secondary school in London. Fred ran school newspapers and was always fun to talk to. They even went to the same university and were roommates for four years in university dormitory. Mr. Davis studied Music and Fred studied journalism. He became a well-known journalist and he travels a lot. Actually, both of them travel a lot so they don’t see each other quite often.
Mr. Davis: I’m doing fine. I met all the colleagues and some of the neighbors. People are really nice here.
Fred: I see you bought a really nice house. What’s this, James?
Mr. Davis: Oh that… Well, a shipping company brought my packages from Africa yesterday, but don’t worry.
Fred: And, you didn’t tell me anything… hmmm…. Now I understand why you wanted a “nice and quiet dinner at your place”.
Mr. Davis: A friend in need is a friend indeed. We can unpack them after dinner. Now let’s sit down and eat. Don’t spoil this evening!
Fred: I’m joking, relax! We have more important things do. Tell me James, do you remember when we were at university and went on a field trip to Liverpool. I think it was in 1995.
Mr. Davis: Yes, of course. It was wonderful. We went to the club where the Beatles played for the first time ... You and I and that girl who studied Art …. I can’t remember her name…
Fred: Fiona…
Mr. Davis: Oh, that’s right. Now I remember… She was a first-year student at that time, I think. Why?
Fred: Well, I met her again six months ago. She moved to Montreal and lives in my neighborhood. Can you believe it?
Mr. Davis: Oh, that must be very stressful! Such a bubbly person! She was so happy… too happy if you ask me.
Fred: Jamie, let me finish…. Well, we went out for a cup of coffee, and then we went out again and…
Mr. Davis: Oh, my God. You have a crush on her and you let me talk nonsense…
Fred: Well, it’s not just that … I think she's the one and we are getting married, on St.
Mr. Davis: That’s wonderful news! Congratulations! . But you didn’t tell me anything about the two of you.
Fred: Well, everything happened so fast and it didn’t seem right to talk about it over the phone.
Mr. Davis: Is that why you came to Chicago?
Fred: No, I’m here on business, but I also wanted to see you while I’m in Chicago and share the news with you. I came here to interview Irene and Alice ….
Mr. Davis: What do they do?
Fred: Don’t tell me you don’t know the story … but live in Chicago.
Mr. Davis: Well, you see I didn’t even have the time to unpack.
Fred: Hahaha! Well, let’s unpack your boxes and I will tell you the story.

Irregular verbs in this lesson ( audio & QUIZ >>>):

be was/were been
become became become
bring brought brought
buy bought bought
come came come
do did done
eat ate eaten
get got gotten/got
go went gone
have had had
know knew known
let let let
meet met met
run ran run
see saw seen
sit sat sat
tell told told
think thought thought

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