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2.3. Friends forever

People always have the need to have someone by their side. It was so in the past, and it’s still the same. Frist we have our family to take care of us. Mom, dad, brothers or sisters are by our side on our life journey. But also, there are friends. We all need friends in our lives, someone to share our secrets with and shoulder to cry on. As we grow older we make friends and spend a lot of time with them. But only a few are there to stay. Scientist say that we have a circle of about 400 friends through our life, but the number of real friends is three, and just a few people are lucky enough to have best friends from the early childhood as their best friends forever.
This is a story about two best friends. They first met in 1918 while they were students of the first grade at Saint Gregory School and they liked each other from the first moment. Their names are Irene Cook and Alice Jensen. They were born in 1913 in Chicago and lived in the same neighborhood, one block away. They grew up in big families in the times of poverty. There were eighteen children in Iren’s family and they had to help their parents with housework. Irene usually helped with cooking in her family, and Alice often went to the local store to buy food for her family. But, they still had time for their little routines and time to play. They also liked to take long walks or watch films at the cinema.
One day, Alice was waiting for Irene in front of her house so they could go to school together. She didn’t want to go in because there were so many children inside. While Alice was waiting, Irene was finishing her morning housework. She was feeding the chickens in the garden while some of her younger brothers and sisters were running around and trying to catch them. It was a very sweet moment for Alice which she could never forget. They didn’t have much, but they had each other. They were born in times without cars, TV, or washing machines, and they lived long enough to see men walk on the Moon.
In 1929, they dropped out of school and worked to help their families. Those were hard for the whole country. The girls got a job at the telephone company and even then they sat next to each other. Alice realized one day that the days of school and childhood games were over. Now they were sitting in their small office and connecting phone call. And that was their new daily routine. Then they both got married, and started their own families, but still they had time to go out for dinner together. They did everything together, just as they did when they were little girls. They shared many happy moments, and they supported each other in hard times, too. When Alice went back to school to get her high school diploma, Irene was her biggest support. When Irene’s husband died. Alice and her husband took Irene out and did everything to cheer her up. The two friends even retired together in Florida. They are still loyal friends who like to stick close together, through thick and thin, for almost a century now.
If you ask them about the recipe for a friendship to last, they just smile and say that they didn’t think much about it. They simply liked each other and got along. They say you always have to look for the better side of people and put up with their little mistakes.
Now that they are both 102 years old, they see each other just for family celebrations. But they don’t give up on their friendship. As they say, they didn’t have much, but they had each other and they still do. They are best friends forever.


a lot of time mnogo vremena
cheer up razveseliti
drop out odustati
each other jedan drugog
give up odustati
go back vratiti se
have to morati
high school srednja škola
in front of ispred
like to stick close together vole da se drže blizu
long enough dovoljno dugo
make friends sprijateljiti se
put up with trpiti
shoulder to cry on rame za plakanje
take out izvaditi
through thick and thin kroz sito i rešeto

Irregular verbs in this lesson ( audio & QUIZ >>>):

be was/were been
buy bought bought
catch caught caught
do did done
feed fed fed
forget forgot forgotten
get got gotten/got
go went gone
grow grew grown
have had had
make made made
meet met met
run ran run
say said said
see saw seen
sit sat sat
spend spent spent
take took taken

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