On the 6   



1.If you had my love        2.Should we never           3.Too late                  4.Feelin'so good             5.Let's get loud        6.Could this be love       7.No me ames            8.Waiting fot tonight     9.Open off my love       10.Promise me you'll try 11.It's not that sirious    12.Talk about us         13.Una noche mas








This is me ..than   


1.Still           2.Loving you      3.I'm glad        4.One            5.Dear Ben       6.All I have      7.Jenny from the block             8.Again           9.You belong ti me 10.I've been thinkin'           11.Baby,I love   12.One(version II)

*All I have

*Aint it funny

*Baby I love

*I'm glad

*If you had mu love

*Waiting for tonight

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