It is born to Neuilly-sur-Seine in 1900 and is one of the more popular French poets of XX the century. The young knows André Breton, Raymond Queneau and the surrealist and enters to make part of this group, interested from the populista art. In the 1928 discosta from these and the Groupe Octobre is attended, one teatrale company of left.

Its reputation is but due to the poetica production, where Prévert close gives to free course to the unusual imagination in one style to the language speech and the daily life. Its preferred topics are the love, the freedom, the dream and the fantasy, the compassion, the humour, the satira against the powerful ones, the adversity for the social oppression.

Between its collections of backs of greater happening, Words (1945), the rain and beautiful time (1955), Trees (1976); in Italy they have been published, beyond to these, several anthologies like the leaves dead women (from the title it of one its celebre poetry), Poetries of love and Poetries .

It dies to Paris in 1977.