I  1.didn't own a holiday flat, we wouldn't

   2. you'll practise English

   3. stay in the sun all day long, you'll get

   4. I didn't have to work this summer, I would go

   5. you won't find anywhere to

   6. in case the evenings are

   7. go on holiday together, you'll certainly enjoy

   8. could go anywhere in the world, which country would you

   9. he'd had more fun at school, he would have played

   10. you had told me where you lived, I could have got

   11. would have got a higher mark if he had studied

   12. hadn't been lucky, she would have done badly

   13. hadn't had so much studying to do during the vacation, they could have gone

   14. would have remembered to post the letter if you hadn't been

   15. had done some work at school, she wouldn't be sorry

   16. couldn't have finished the work on time without your

   17. had been learning English for longer, he would be able


II   (2) would have been

     (3) wouldn't have

     (4) would have been

     (5) would have passed

     (6) wouldn't have

     (7) had taken up

     (8) would have learnt

     (9) would be

     (10) might not be

     (11) was

     (12) would be

     (13) would be

     (14) would get

     (15) might feel

     (16) might not like

     (17) would be

     (18) were

     (19) am


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