I Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Use the word given in red and other words to complete each sentence. Don't change the word given.

1. My family have a holiday flat and that's why we always go to the same place.
If my family _____________________________ always go to the same place.    

2. Go to Britain if you want to speak English all the time.
If you go to Britain, _____________________________ all the time.                   practise

3. You'll get sunburnt by sunbathing all day long.                   
If you ___________________________ sunburnt.                                               sun

4. I can't go on holiday because I've got a holiday job this summer.
If __________________________on holiday.                                                     work

5. You won't find any accommodation if you don't book it in advance.
Unless you book ahead _________________________stay.                                anywhere

6. The evenings may be cool, so pack a jumper to wear after dark.
Pack a jumper to wear after dark _______________________cool.                     in case

7. Why don't you come on holiday with us - you'll certainly have a good time.
If we ___________________________yourself.                                                  together

8. Suppose it was possible to for you to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If ____________________________________________travel to?                      country

9. He didn't enjoy himself at school, so he played truant all the time.
If ______________________________________________truant all the time.        fun

10. I couldn't get in touch with you because you didn't give me your address.         
If __________________________________________________in touch with you.  where

11. He didn't study hard enough, which is why he got a low mark.
He _____________________________________________________harder.          higher

12. She did well in the test because she was lucky.
If she ____________________________________________________in the test.    badly

13. They had a lot of studying to do during the vacation so they couldn't go on holiday.
If they _______________________________________________________on holiday.  much

14. I forgot to post the letter because I was so busy with my work.
I ______________________________________________so busy with my work.        remembered

15. She didn't do any  work at school, and now she regrets it.
If she ___________________________________________now.                                sorry

16. I'm glad you helped me - that's why I was able to finish the work on time.
I ________________________________________________help.                             without

17. He can't speak English very well because he's only been learning it for a few years.
If he _________________________________________to speak it better.                 longer


II Fill the gaps in this story with a word or short phrase.

If (1)I'd been born a genious, my life so far (2)                       very different. I (3)                    had to work hard at school and I (4)                         top if the class in every subject. I  (5)                             all my exams with flying colours and I (6)                        had to do any revision. If I   (7)                           a musical instrument, I    (8)                                 to play it perfectly, so that by now I   (9)                       a famous musician.

On the other hand, being a genious (10)                       as wonderful as all that. If everything (11)                 easy, there (12)                      no satisfaction in acheiving things. It (13)                   quite boring to know t   hat I (14)                100% in every test - and other people (15)                          envious of me and they  (16)                 me. I think it   (17)                        hard to make friends with people if I (18)              a genious. I'm glad I (19)               normal.


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